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Company:Beijing Yuanheng Huizhong Biological-tech Company,LTD 

Address:Shangdi Donglu35,Haidian District,Beijing

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Beijing Yuanheng Huizhong Bio-technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Yuanheng Huizhong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a General Agent in China, with independent import and export qualification.    Beijing Yuanheng Huizhong Bio Co., Ltd. is  Dutch Schils BV distributor in China, Built in 2006,our company is located in Hi-Tech Park Haidian District.By virtue of superior quality products and service levels, company rapidiy development and growth, now it become the partners of many well-known enterprises and stable feed suppliers .    Schils is one of the larger producers of calf milk substitutes and animal feed within the VanDrie Group with customers all around the world.     The advanced Tracking & Tracing system (SAP) is unique, enabling the company to establish a fully automated connection between the ingredients and the finished product, guaranteeing full traceability. The unique and innovative Tracking & Tracing system has a great share in guaranteeing our product quality. 

Beijing Yuanheng Huizhong Biological-tech Company,LTD
Address:Shangdi Donglu35,Haidian District,Beijing